FACTORY I/O provides a collection of parts based on the most common industrial equipment. There are more than 80 parts, organized into eight categories: items, heavy load parts, light load parts, sensors, operators, stations, warning devices and walkways. In this section you will find relevant information about each one.

parts overview

Parts List

Palletizing Box Box (S) Box (M) Box (L)
Pallet Square Pallet Blue Raw Material Green Raw Material
Blue Product Lid Green Product Lid Blue Product Base Green Product Base
Heavy Load Parts
Chain Transfer Loading Conveyor Chute Conveyor Low Roller Conveyor (2m)
Roller Conveyor (4m) Roller Conveyor (6m) Roller Stop Turntable
Light Load Parts
Belt Conveyor (2m) Belt Conveyor (4m) Belt Conveyor (6m) Belt Conveyor Gate
Chute Conveyor Conveyor Scale Pivot Arm Sorter Pop Up Wheel Sorter
Pusher Stop Blade Straight Spur Conveyor Left Positioner
Right Positioner Aligner 1 Aligner 2 Aligner 3
Wheel Aligner Metal Corner Bracket
Capacitive Sensor Diffuse Sensor Inductive Sensor Light Array Emitter
Light Array Receiver Retroreflective Sensor Reflector Vision Sensor
Emergency Stop Light Indicator (Blue) Light Indicator (Green) Light Indicator (Red)
Light Indicator (Yellow) Digital Display Potentiometer Selector
Start Button Reset Button Stop Button Electric Switchboard
Machining Center Elevator Pick & Place Stacker Crane
Rack Palletizer Two-Axis Pick & Place Tank
Warning Devices
Light Indicator (Blue) Light Indicator (Green) Light Indicator (Red) Light Indicator (Yellow)
Alarm Siren Stack Light Warning Light
Corner Handrail Handrail (S) Handrail (M) Handrail (L)
Handrail (XL) Stairs Handrail Platform (S) Platform (M)
Platform (L) Platform (XL) Platform Pillar Stairs
Safeguard (S) Safeguard (L) Safeguard (I)