OPC Client Data Access


  • Modbus & OPC Edition or Ultimate Edition

This driver allows FACTORY I/O to exchange data with PLC, SoftPLC or any other technology that can be accessed through an OPC Server DA. It's compatible with OPC Data Access 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 specifications.

opc client da driver


Actuator and sensor tags are mapped to OPC items. These items are browsed from an OPC server by clicking on the BROWSE ITEMS buttons, which are then displayed alphabetically on the Driver window. You will find the Total Number of browsed items next to the server name, which you can limit by choosing an Item Limit (see below). Note that only item names are displayed - hover the mouse cursor over an item to show the full item ID.

You may link any tag to any item, independently of the tag data type or if it's a sensor's or actuator's tag. This means that you should choose the appropriate data type and read/write permissions when creating items on the server.

It's a good practice to start the name of sensor items with a letter and actuator names with another, for example, the letter 'i' (input) for sensors and 'o' for actuators. By doing so, sensor items are displayed together and before actuators (see image below).

opc client da driver configuration

Machine Name Name of the machine where to browse for OPC servers. Leave blank when browsing for local servers.
Browse Servers Click to browse for OPC servers.
OPC Server Select the OPC server to connect to.
Browse Items Click to browse items on the current OPC server.
Item Limit The maximum number of items that will be retrieved from the server when browsing (max 128).
Filter "Starts With" Only retrieves items that start with the specified value.
Filter "Contain" Only retrieves items that contain the specified value.
From Device Reads and writes data directly from the device. By default, read and write operations are done on the server cached data.